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29 July 2001

Hoax du Jour: A More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

Evil intent and black hats on the Internet misinformation trail.

27 July 2001

Hoax du Jour: Children's Crusade

Various hoaxes and forwardables related to children (sick and missing children, prayer requests).

26 July 2001

Hoax du Jour: Lingering Misinformation

Catching up on lingering misinformation (various hoaxes and rumors).

27 February 2000

Hoax du Jour: Viral marketing is now. has a free download for you that is anything but hip.

21 December 1999

Hoax du Jour: The Grinch Is Real versus The outcome may change the Internet forever.

18 September 1999

Drop-dead Internet Alerts

The Korova recipe for writing effective Internet alerts and bulletins. Part of the "e-v-mail" section, which includes the "Hoax du Jour."

01 September 1999

Hoax du Jour: Call Now!

The "809 phone scam" is a high-tech con game that depends upon a very low-tech component: consumer gullibility. The latest, urgent chain e-mail warning may sound familiar, and it is (it's three years old), but it doesn't tell the whole story....

29 August 1999

Hoax du Jour: You're Never Gonna Believe This...

Now is the summer of our mis-content. Readers sent in a plethora of errant 'Net rumors, cyberban legends and bogus warnings. Here's a round-up.

29 March 1999

Hoax du Jour: The Word Macro Spam 'Bot

Yep, it's been a few weeks, we were about due for another James Bondian threat to worldwide computing. This time, our Heroic Virus Killers are battling a Word macro virus which makes Sanford Wallace (The Spam King) look like a hermit.

08 March 1999

Hoax du Jour: Calls to Overreaction

Tales of dire crises are descending into your e-mail: Aspartame! Afghanistan! FDIC! No Urban Dictates! Friends and family spamming you day and night? What do you do? Who do you turn to? Visit "Hoax du Jour."

Also: updated the e-v-mail page.

03 January 1999

Hoax du Jour: Remote Explorer of My Eye

Did a killer, "smart virus" threaten to crash the Internet? No. Did Network Associates over-hype an infection at MCI WorldCom to make it sound like it? Maybe. You decide....

Updated: 31 January 1999

20 December 1998

Hoax du Jour: Internet Access Charges & Taxation

Is the FCC once again threatening to approve toll charges for dialing up your Internet service provider? CNN seems to think so. Maybe CNN should've asked the FCC.

Updated: 03 January 1999 New (false) rumours, and unrelated legislation.

28 November 1998

Hoax du Jour: The Fear of AIDS (Needles)

Urban legends (ULs) are more common on the Internet than chat rooms. I think. ... Most seem harmless. But some -- like these AIDS-attack scare stories -- may present a real danger.

Updated: 08 April 1999 Further information from the CDC (true), and new rumours of LSD and Strychnine left on pay phone buttons (false).

08 November 1998

Hoax du Jour: Toxic Tampons

Someone wants you to believe that tampons will make you bleed more, and even contract cancer. But that's not the real shocker of this 'Net hoax. Put this one in your, um, browser.

Updated: 23 April 1999

28 August 1998

Hoax du Jour: Death Threats & Disney Trips

It was a great summer for Internet hoaxes and cyberban legends. Depending on your point of view.

25 May 1998

Hoax du Jour: The AOL Hacker Riot II

Get all your friends to tune in and watch some self-congratulating hackers wreak havoc on AOL. Or else.

19 February 1998

Learning Perl

Perl. It isn't just for geeks anymore. Oren Leaffer previewed one of the best books you can find to get started.

12 February 1998

Hoax du Jour: The "90# Phone Scam" Alert

Dial 90# and give someone control of your phone line? Maybe not. (One of this site's most popular pages.)

Updated: 20 December 1998

01 January 1998

Hoax du Jour: E-j-mail Extortion

The spirit of free enterprise ... or cyberterrorism?

Updated: 03 January 1998

13 December 1997

A Few Good Years

What will personal computers and the Internet be like in five years? In twenty years? No one's sure, but there will be lots of humans using them, that much is certain.

02 December 1997

Hoax du Jour: Phone Slamming

You chose your own long distance provider, right? Right? ... Hello?

03 November 1997

Hoax du Jour: AOL V4 Cookie

Yet another nasty rumour. Unfortunately, it's crap.

08 September 1997


Virus hoaxes ... the hula hoop of the Nineties. Fortunately, there's hope.

10 May 1997

2001: Part II

Garry Kasparov vs. Deep Blue. Kind of sounds like Dave Bowman vs. HAL9000, doesn't it?

19 April 1997

How Intranets Work

Confused about networking concepts? Preston Gralla explains all.

18 Apr 1996

E-j-mail: The Dirge of the Internet

The next marketing revolution will be televised ... on your personal, private computer.

Extra: The Museum of Clueless Internet Marketing (Warning: large file with graphics)

I get some really stupid messages from people who think they've found the pot of gold at the end of their modem. Maybe some of them have. But most of them can't write a complete paragraph without violating a common rule of grammar. That, in itself, tells me something about the phenomenal growth of the Internet and computing in general -- anybody can get on, and spam the hell out of complete strangers. I'm publishing some of what I received in 1996, as People's Exhibit A.

30 Dec 1995

Web Fingered

Welcome to the World Wide Web ... your television should be so good.

13 Nov 1995

Look & Feel Be Damned

The evolution of the graphical user interface on personal computers. The point is what you're doing, not how.

21 Sep 1995

So Many On-Ramps, So Little Time

The Internet at your doorstep. "Caution ... merging traffic."

31 Jul 1995

Introducing Windows 95

The "Mac-ification" of the IBM PC is now complete.

Windows Tips

Stupid Windows Tricks for those who are chronically bored with their out-of-the-box Microthrashing.

ASCII Reviews and Columns

An archive of reviews, columns, and articles from years past.

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