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David at Brightware, February 2001» New, updated: my resume.

Hi there. My name is David. I grew up with gadgets, history (past and future), literature and theatre arts. I still balance these in my life.

I have lived for most of the past 12 years with plenty of gadgets in my life. I've worked in and around communications, avionics, fancy jet aeroplanes, public radio stations, computer resellers, Internet labs, military intelligence offices, training environments, Web authoring operations, and performance venues. I have been responsible for content, entertainment, drug seizures, rescued lives, business growth, training breakthroughs, and even a friend's marriage (I had help with the last item).

Along with all the techno-schtuff, I've made room for writing, producing, musicianship, a little art, and even some fishing. Everyone should have a hobby.

Live City Camera

I was born and raised in San Francisco, in the old Italian and increasingly Chinese-American neighborhood called North Beach (just visible on the lower right of this KPIX illustration). It's an area rich in history. And aromas. You couldn't walk down Columbus without getting whiffs of chow mein, ravioli, fresh roasted Graffeo's coffee and cigars. North Beach will always be home.

I studied film early on, finally spending every spare moment in high school with a brilliant teacher/mentor, Robert Hilmoe. He inspired me to study literature and art in a very new, primal way. He also taught me to teach -- to share whatever knowledge and insight (in any topic) I had.

I left San Francisco to attend the University of Southern California for a while. There, I studied critical film studies, and several computer science and data processing courses. I was a teaching assistant for the Introduction to Programming course and lab. For me, it was the best of times and the worst of times, really, no kidding.

Coast Guard HU-25A Falcon (click for larger view)

In 1985, I enlisted into the United States Coast Guard. Over a ten year period, I worked in a variety of specialties: avionics repair and operation, flying (electronic systems operation, radar intercept officer), computer systems administration and security, quality management, training, business communications. I've flown hundreds of hours in support of air-sea rescue in the type of aircraft illustrated above; I've flown hundreds more in a modified type (the "C" model, or "Nightstalker") chasing airborne drug smugglers around the Caribbean.

In 1994 I left aviation to work in the Pacific Area Commander's Intelligence division (yep, a "staff job"). There, I got my cybernails dirty working with a menagerie of computers and telecommunications devices, supporting the whole spectrum of Coast Guard law enforcement missions. I supported and used everything from old 8088 "Z-Sport" laptops to fastfast Sun UltraSparcs. I learned a lot about the Internet (and intranet), actually, while working with and advising peers on technology on the Intelink-S, a classified net similar to the Internet.

Working in "intel" was fun work, you can be sure, but it was my "twilight tour." I completed my service in May, 1998, and began work in the private sector with Inference Corporation, based in Novato, California.

Photo by Dr. Mark Strauss D.C. © 1996. Click to view full size. Photo © 1996 Dr. Mark Strauss D.C. Click to enlarge.

Since 1994, I've lived in Marin County, California (north of San Francisco; see illustration). Novato used to be a bedroom community (shhh ... it still is), haven for commuting SF policemen and firemen. Lately, it's become the largest growth center of Marin County, haven for CD-ROM, DVD, computing and game development companies. In fact, there are something like a dozen video game companies within a mile of my apartment. Neat, eh? In my spare time, I work out at the Rolling Hills health club, hike Mt. Burdell, and enjoy a damn, fine cup of coffee from Skully's or Dr. Insomnia's.

Music: Ambient and Beyond

I've always been involved with music ... from childhood lessons in classical percussion ... several years playing bodhran and bones (traditional Irish instruments) in professional engagements and more "session nights" than I'd care to remember ... to this.

As a writer, I focus on ambient music: space, electronic, gothic. A lot of this music is called "darkwave," or "sombient." I like Robert Rich's description: "psychoactive music." Whatever you call it, I think it's a form of aural fabrication that cuts through to the dreamtime, and invades your unconscious and hangs upon the architecture of remembrance. Spend as many hours up all night listening to this music as I have, and I think you'll agree that today's ambient musicians are exploring uncharted waters.

From 1990 until mid-1994, I produced a public radio program at WHIL-FM (Mobile, Alabama), The Harbinger Hour ("Music for the Turn of the Century"). The show was a dark ambient exploration of contemporary music, like a cross conventional spacemusic and the more progressive gothic and trance genres. Each program was built around an impressionistic theme, and often featured an eclectic mix of music that introduced listeners to unfamiliar material. The program was quite successful; annual fundraising during my time slot increased about 300% during production.

Film & Video

I studied film for several years, culminating in two years spent at the doorsteps and coattails of the film school at the University of Southern California. Though accepted twice to the History & Criticism division, I held out for Film Production -- unsuccessfully. Instead, I attended numerous courses, worked for the high-profile "466" class, viewed up to 3 films a day, contributed to several acclaimed festival series presented by the DKA film school fraternity (including retrospectives of Ozu and Peckinpah), and worked on the school journal, The Spectator. I still review films and video -- my first love burns bright in the most enjoyable writing I know.

Consulting Services

As a computer consultant, I provide advice on systems and software purchases, and give lessons to clients on Windows, general computer use and online practices. As an industry watcher, I'm always watching for that "called shot" of the next "killer app."

I'm mentor for The Novato  Onramp, a local non-profit community computing resource and training center. I've participated in several Onramp projects, including the 1996 Marin County Fair and 1997 Marin County Fair web sites. ... I've also consulted in several other opportunities and topics.

David Spalding
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